What patients are saying

See what some of our past clients have said about us, as we take our work and client satisfaction very seriously.


"I would like to thank you for your professional help and that of your team on Monday 3rd June when I suffered a heart attack. The speed and efficiency and courtesy was most impressive. And perhaps I should mention the excellent care I received in the CCU afterwards. I am now in rehab and the team there are excellent and enthusiastic. I very much appreciate your help in all of this. Thank you."


"Through both your expert skills, and your drive to set up the direct to procedure pathway, you have saved my wife’s life, and I’m sure many others. I will never be able to fully express my admiration and gratitude…. We will always be in your debt, as will all of our family and friends. I hope you can take a moment to sit back and reflect on what an amazing thing you have done. With all my heart THANK YOU."


"Words cannot fully express my admiration and gratitude for the hospital emergency teams. Dedication, professionalism, expertise to whom I owe my life to."


"Doors flung open by angels in green
Dawn’s frozen mist obscuring the scene
Here comes another patient, shivering….
But not from the cold…
Another breaking heart
And this is the start … of your day at work
You deal with it all; worried faces, desperate hope,
Confusion and pain; you tell them your name
With a comforting smile; meanwhile…
The doctors arrive; a heart in their hands
A life, a soul; like bees in a hive it’s all action
But efficient and calm; the opposite of me
You bring me some tea, as she’s whisked away
It’s out of my hands and all in yours
I pray she returns through these swinging doors
How can you show such warmth, such kindness
To strangers, day after day in the same caring way
You are all amazing and I won’t let you say
‘Just doing my job!’ Because it is so much more
Despite all the pain, despite all the strife
What else can I say?
You saved my wife’s life!"


"I have been treated in the Cardiac Department under Dr Azeem again he and all his staff have been wonderful. Your doctors, nurses and staff are a credit to you and the Royal Derby Hospital."

Mr D + F

"I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for all the time and the trouble you have taken to find the best treatment option for me since my open heart surgery. I know that the discussions and opinions of your colleagues at Derby and Leicester have been taken into account by you in determining the course of action that you have taken. I know that soon you will be taking annual leave and I wish you a beneficial break from the hospital. I feel honoured to have been your patient as the opinions of many of your staff have been proved by your continued passion and professionalism which I have witnessed as a patient."