You and your family’s health
is just as important to me as it is to you

I am the leading interventional cardiologist at Royal Derby Hospital. I also practice at the Nuffield Hospital Derby. I have been regularly treating patients with various heart problems such as chest pain, palpitation, dizziness, blackouts, breathlessness, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. I also see the patients who are concerned about their general cardiac health but have no symptoms.

I have worked in Cardiology for 20 years and have gained a wide range of experiences in treating patients suffering from various cardiovascular illnesses. I regularly perform procedures such as coronary angiography and coronary angioplasty with stent insertion. I have mastered in complex angioplasty procedures requiring rotablation (drilling hard arteries), intra vascular ultrasound (IVUS guided PCI) and pressure wire (FFR study). I also treat patients suffering from serious vessel diseases of bypass grafts, left main and calcified coronary arteries. I am an expert in treating chronically blocked coronary vessels (CTO-PCI).

I have been the head of the cardiology department and led it through the crucial phase of development and expansion that has resulted in it being recognised nationally as a Heart Attack Centre. Whilst working as a leading consultant cardiologist has helped me gain insight into my patients needs and how these can be met efficiently.

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